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Technikbeschreibung Kraul

ringo » 11am - November 6, 2010
The stroke cycle is: Body in streamline position, head looking down at the pool floor, leading left arm is straight and just under the surface, right arm is slightly bent at the elbow coming out of the water. Kicking from the hips with toes pointed. Imagine a bar going in your head straight down through your body, as your left arm starts to push down, your body will roll around that bar. Your head will roll with your body so that you are looking towards the right, breathe in. Your right arm should come forward with the elbow fully bent. Continue kicking. Push your left arm down and back through the water, your right arm continues through the air then enters just under the water surface by your head and starts to straighten at the elbow, rolling your body and head towards the centre, continue kicking. Start to bend your left elbow coming out of the water, and now your right arm is leading, it is straight and just under the surface. Swimming technique tips: Good roll of your body is needed. The more you can roll around that imaginary bar, the lower your under water shoulder will go, and the higher your above water shoulder will go. This will increase speed and make breathing easier, but needs good timing. Keep your hips as high as possible, as the power to roll your body will come from here. I would recommend breathing every third stroke for a faster swim, although less experienced swimmers may be more comfortable on every second stroke. During the strokes when you are not breathing, don't let your head roll with your body, keep it looking down. Keep your elbow high when it comes through the air. Kicking should be in time with your arms, and not too vigorous. Focus on getting the power from your arms.
Bewertung: 2.9 (90 Stimmen)
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